Esports Business Management

David P. Hedlund, Gil Fried, and R.C. Rick Smith III


Learn about the rapidly expanding esports industry in Esports Business Management, the first textbook to present an all-encompassing look into the world of esports. Written by esports executives, business experts, and faculty members—and endorsed by the International Esports Federation, the United States Esports Federation, and the Esports Research Network—this book provides a comprehensive approach to the business and operational side of esports.

Esports Business Management presents a complete look at all segments of esports: stakeholders and their interests and concerns, governance at multiple levels, the marketing engine of esports, emerging career paths, financial and legal concerns, and much more. Readers will gain a full understanding of this rapidly changing industry and be well prepared to navigate their own path in it.

Throughout the text, Zoning sidebars highlight key concepts and provide real-world spotlights to bring content to life. Student learning is further enhanced by related ancillaries, featuring case studies and student activities—each with questions to promote critical thinking about topics covered—industry perspectives, and a list of Internet resources for further learning.

While similarities exist between the sports and esports environments, there are also significant differences in how the esports industry must operate to thrive. Esports Business Management is the foundational text for understanding and working in this exciting, fast-paced industry.

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