St. John’s University Athletics Research:
2016 Research Overview

Data compiled and analyzed by:
David P. Hedlund, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Division of Sport Management
College of Professional Studies
SJU Graduate Students Enrolled in SPG401 (Research Methods in Sports)

2016 Spring: 20 Graduate Students
2016 Summer: 5 Graduate Students
2016 Fall: 11 Graduate Students

Research Report Published: January, 2017


During 2016, three data collections (April, June and November) were undertaken by David P. Hedlund, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Sport Management in St. John’s University’s Division of Sport Management (College of Professional Studies) and 36 graduate students enrolled in his graduate-level SPG401 (Research Methods in Sports) course. The data collections were conducted in coordination with Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing & Promotions Karli Hausman, and all data collections received Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval. In total, 119 interviews and 1011 paper and online surveys were collected. The focus of the data collections included various topics, including:

Respondents’ use of social media
The frequency and communication medium through which respondents would like to receive information about sporting events
How respondents encounter information from SJU Athletics about games/events
Respondents’ motivations for attending sporting events
What types of promotions and giveaways motivate respondents to attend sporting events
From which restaurant, franchise or chain store respondents like to receive a giveaway, free food or coupon
What types of events and activities motivate respondents to attend a sporting event
What types of marketing and promotional activities motivate respondents to attend a sporting event
MVP and VIP programs
The ease of attending games in Queens and Manhattan

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